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Honeycomb ceiling aluminum plate

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Product name

Honeycomb aluminum plate





Application site

A series of public facilities, such as subway, office building, airport, hospital, etc



Functions and features

1. Honeycomb ceiling aluminum plate is composed of panel, honeycomb honeycomb and back plate. It has light total weight, good flatness, relatively large plate width and small joint.

2. The front coating is PVDF fluorocarbon coating, which has excellent weather resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance.

3. High strength, interconnected honeycomb core like countless I-beams, not easy to shear, bending resistance, high compressive strength.

4. Good wind pressure resistance, its wind pressure resistance is much higher than that of aluminum-plastic plate and aluminum veneer, and it can also achieve high flatness. It is the first lightweight material in the construction industry at present.

5. The honeycomb ceiling aluminum plate has strong decoration and convenient installation. A variety of colors and surface treatments are available to create a distinctive decorative effect.

Environmental performance

?ISO:14001Environmental management system certification

Quality performance

 ?ISO:9001Quality management system certification

combustion performance

A级 (A2-sl,d0,t0)


GB 8624-2012 Classification of combustion performance of building materials and products

JC/T 2113-2012Aluminum honeycomb composite board for general decoration

GB/T 20247-2006Noise reduction coefficient (reverberation chamber method, E100)

surface hardness

Standard ≥ Hb, test result 2H (test basis JC / t2113-2012, 7.7.1, GB / T 6739-2006))

Poor gloss

Standard ≤ 10, test result 1.8 (test basis: Q / cyctc0110-2017, GB / T 17748-2008, GB / T 9754-2007)


Standard 0, test result 0 (test basis: GB / T 17748-2008, GB / T 9286-1998)


Standard ≤ 3T, test result 2T (test basis JC / t2113-2012, GB / T 17748-2008, Q / cyctc0110-2017)

Impact resistance

No deformation and failure (according to JC / t2113-2012, GB / T 14155-2008,)

Salt and acid tolerance

 No change (according to Q / cyctc0110-2017, GB / T 17748-2008)

Alkali resistance

No change (according to Q / cyctc0110-2017, GB / T 17748-2008, GB / t11942-1989)

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