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Corrugated ceiling aluminum plate

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Product name

Corrugated ceiling aluminum plate


The panel thickness is 0.8mm, 1.0mm



Application site

Airport, shopping mall, exhibition hall, administration building, supermarket, KTV, bar, subway and other public facilities



Functions and features

1. Corrugated ceiling aluminum plate, on the basis of veneer, carries out the secondary composite of corrugated core, so that the product surface strength is enhanced, the panel can withstand high strength pressure and shear force, and the plate width is greatly increased compared with similar veneers.

2. The overall weight is small, light weight, surface is flat, and it is not easy to deformation. Fluorocarbon roller coating is uniform outside the paint surface, and easy to clean.

3. It is resistant to acid rain, air pollution and UV light. It has strong adsorption capacity, good gloss, aging resistance and no change.

4. The corrugated core behind the corrugated board greatly reduces the weight of aluminum plate under the premise of ensuring flatness, and makes it have good effect of heat insulation, moisture-proof and noise reduction.

Environmental performance

?ISO:14001Environmental management system certification

Quality performance

 ?ISO:9001Quality management system certification

combustion performance

Class A (A2-sl,d0,t0)


GB 8624-2012 Classification of combustion performance of building materials and products

JC/T 2187-2013Aluminum corrugated composite aluminum plate

GB / T 20247-2006 noise reduction coefficient (reverberation chamber method, E100)

surface hardness

Standard ≥ Hb, test result 2H (test basis JC / T 2187-2013)

Poor gloss

Standard ≤ 10, test result 0.8 (test basis JC / T 2187-2013)


Standard grade 0, test result grade 0 (test basis JC / T 2187-2013)

Salt and acid tolerance

No change (according to JC / T 2187-2013)

Oil resistance

No change (according to JC / T 2187-2013)

Alkali resistance

No change (according to JC / T 2187-2013)

Impact resistance

No deformation and failure (test basis JC / T 2187-2013)

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